Well it’s been a while since I’ve written; so where to begin? A topic that has recently been coming up frequently between myself and different friends is the notion of platonic friendship between straight men and women. Platonic, for me, is problematic. A straight heterosexual guy doesn’t linger around in a platonic relationship simply for the mere pleasure of platonicism itself. In the back of their mind: they’re hoping for one of two things; either sex, or a long-term relationship. Any girl who doesn’t believe that and thinks a heterosexual guy is sticking around as her Platonic friend simply for the friendship itself is deceiving herself. A great priest friend/spiritual director of mine once said, “whenever someone claims [platonic,] (and it’s usually the girls who love using that word,) it usually means they have deeper feelings they’re repressing for whatever reason.” I couldn’t agree more. In the words of a female friend of mine, “platonic = demonic.” Amen, sister!

Onto a completely different topic: if a friendship between a male and female was destroyed, can it resume down the road and become what it once was? My simple answer is most likely not. It’s too difficult for several reasons; especially if the two people involved ended things on bad terms. My more complex answer is that it can’t attain its former status. It will never reach that point that had once satisfied both people, it will either transcend its former status by evolving into intimacy between the man and woman, (and even that is difficult because of circumstancial as well as emotional reasons,) or it will simply remain stagnant, and the people involved will communicate once in a while, and nothing more. Ah well my 2 cents for the evening. I’ll be updating my blog quite regularly. So stop by and check me out. New music is also on the horizon.