Omar Binno


About Omar Binno
Throughout his life, Omar Binno has faced and overcome many obstacles and personal adversities, which have molded him into the person he is today. Born blind, Omar is a multi-talented poet, musician, song composer, producer, writer, and a deeply spiritual person whose Catholic faith shapes his works as well as his character.

Omar has gained recognition for accomplishments in several diverse areas at various points in his  life, such as powerlifting in high school; where he held several records, and martial arts Photo of Omar

in his early college years. In December 1990, Fox 2 profiled Omar as one of the few blind martial artists in the country. He began playing the piano at age 9, and since then, music has remained his deepest passion. His style of music was inspired by artists like Elton John, Phil Collins, Chicago, and Journey.

His love of music and writing has pervaded his life’s works. Omar feels that art is the most profound communicator; whether it is through music, stories, poetry, paintings, or acting, art is the avenue for artists to express their deepest experiences, beliefs, and views in ways that touch people eternally.

In December 1995, while attending the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM,) Omar’s poem “An Eternal Farewell” was published in UDM’s magazine “Mcnichols Road.” In 1997, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing and literature, and Communications. In 1999, he completed his Masters Degree in Public Relations and Marketing.

He currently composes his own music in genres ranging from Hip Hop and dance/techno, to pop and alternative.

When asked who his role models are, Omar said that Christ is, of course, the greatest role model. However, he feels that God has also blessed him with a close-knit family, and friends whose support is priceless.

Two other people who have profoundly influenced Omar’s writings, as well as his spiritual beliefs, are the late renowned Christian writers: J. R. R. Tolkien; author of The twentieth century’s best-selling literary trilogy “The Lord Of The Rings,” and C. S. Lewis; author of “The Chronicles Of Narnia.” Omar asserts that, although Tolkien and Lewis’s works are fictional, they subtly retell the themes of selfless love and perseverance, which are the central teachings of Christianity.