Harsh days and sleepless nights
I spent in my music room,
I wondered why my love had gone
And why I must bare this doom.
Flutes, Violins, harps, and trumpets
Littered the brown-carpeted floor
But of winter’s cold and forsaken days I sang,
For summer caroled in me no more.

On a warm spring day at the end of May
I walked far a field
To rend the world for the old man
And seek the answers he might yield.

I came to a forest whose trees stood high
Silver bark, emerald leaves, and gnarled arms touched the sky.
I arrived at a meadow beneath lingering April showers
Where the long grass was bathed in golden May flowers.
Then I saw the old man
And I looked at him in dismay,
His fire was quenched, his blue eyes foggy
And his robe a misty gray.
Like a vast roaring tide
My anger swelled within,
I asked him “why” and then he sighed,
“The answer is hidden.”

Then I gazed in disbelief
For the old man was gone,
And I shrouded myself in the cloak of night
Awaiting a lightless dawn

By Omar Binno