Who sent the unseen enemy
To shadow my footsteps?
To shape pillars, towers, and battlements
Into fortresses of hope.

Who is the unseen enemy
That runs before me?
Wielding black hammers and maces
To smite and pummel hope into dust.
Even as the fortress crumbles
Before the onslaught of missiles cast by Battle engines.

Who is the unseen enemy
That walks the paths of my dreams?
Plants the fruits of those dreams
And bares them upon a silver platter
Resting on an invisible hand.
Then, the hand crushes the fruits
Even as I reach out to taste their sweet nectar.

Who is the unseen enemy
Who seizes those towered fortresses
And with the strength of atlas
Hurls them into the abyss.
Where the great furnace devours them
And molds puddles of emptiness out of them.

Gathering those puddles into buckets of black iron
The unseen one hurls them into the air
And from the sky Heaven weeps
Those puddles of emptiness upon me.
Thus is the harvest of all my aspirations.

By Omar Binno