In a house on a hill lived Old Man Jollers
And he was a merry fellow
Apple-red his jacket was
His tall boots a bright yellow.
His white beard was short
His mirth-filled eyes twinkled blue
And every morn upon his horn
he called “Haloo haloo.”

Then children of all sorts
would come to watch him dance
Flipetty-flop, a skip and a hop
Round in small circles he pranced.
In a piping voice a child would ask
“What song Pappy Jollers have you got for us today?”
And Jollers replied
“Be content little one, I have many a song to sing this day.”

Then a hush would fall over the children
To hear Jollers’ singing
The sun, the moon, the stars they saw
The sound of rain fell ringing.
Of the meadows and the valleys he sang,
And forests with towering trees,
Of the mountains in the distance he spoke to them,
And of the breath of the sighing seas.
Then the children’s minds would wander
Through realms of enchantment and sunlight.
And they pondered what lay in the far blue yonder,
Beneath morning and clear twilight.

By Omar Binno